Best Year Yet!

Metropolis broke its own lead number record in 2016, with an exceptional 7120 business leads published between 1st January 2016 and the 31st December 2016.

  • There were nearly 4,900 (69%) new stories on planned moves or projects by companies, not previously run in 2015 or before;
  • The new moves and projects reported in 2016 reached a staggering 135m sq ft, if all were added together;
  • This total includes 1,400 newly identified requirements (nearly 30 each week), as researchers uncovered previously unpublished searches for 22.7m sq ft of office space in 2016;
  • Metropolis identified a further newly researched 1500 companies, occupying 35m sq ft, which are approaching property decisions, potential movers, in 2017 and 2018;
  • A further 1,800 newly researched companies confirmed space had been found and a move date set ranging from 5 weeks to two years away;
  • In addition, a further 2,220 companies updated Metropolis that either a potential search had moved to an active one, or an active search had resulted in a property found and move was being planned.

Overall the regions with most reported office movers and projects were:

London – 3200 (45%)
South East – 831 (12%)
North West – 565 (8%)
Yorkshire – 444 (6%)
Scotland – 438 (6%)

Overall the sectors with the most reported office movers and projects were:

Financial – 712 (10%)
Professional (law, consultant, accountant) – 680 (10%)
Media 664 (9%)
Business Services – 569 (8%)
IT-related – 500 (7%)

In terms of timescale, move dates for relocations completed and future were:

2016 moves now completed – 2,500 (35%)
2017 moves planned – 3,287 (46%)
2018 or later moves planned -1,333 (19%)

NB – All statistics refer to business leads run in 2016 and there remains a considerable number of additional projected moves on the database from 2015 and before, where no significant update was possible in 2016.

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